Full papers should be prepared according to the guidelines given below.

The proceedings of the conference will be published in electronic form. The papers can be in English or in Hungarian, but Hungarian language is preferred.

Please  use the LaTeX or MS Word templates provided by the conference homepage during the preparation of your manuscript. All papers must be submitted in electronic form as PDF files before the submission deadline.They should provide sufficient background information, clearly indicate the original contribution, state and discuss the main results, and provide adequate references.

The maximum length of papers is 16 pages. The main steps of the preparing:

Step 1: Prepare a PDF version

All papers must be submitted in PDF format by the given templates, and must be formatted to A4 size. Please verify that the PDF files can be correctly printed too, documents which are not formatted correctly will not be considered.

The paper should preferably prepared in Hungarian language. If a major part of the submission has already been reviewed and published, please indicate in a footnote on the first page of your submission.

If you want to participate in the competition for the Attila Kuba Prize, please indicate your participation along with your name in the footnote on the first page (and by the CMT system too).

Step 2: Submit your paper via the CMT system

All papers must be submitted in PDF format using the CMT system. In normal case select the  Main Conference track, if participating in the Attila Kuba Prize, please choose Kuba Attila track.

Should you encounter any problem with using the submission web-site, please write an e-mail to the organizers.

Only submitted and accepted papers will be published in the online proceedings. Supplementary material will not be included in the proceedings.

Step 3: The review process

All submissions will be reviewed by the Program Committee; additional reviewers will be consulted if necessary. The reviewers will be selected based on the title and abstract of your paper. The reviewers will base their advise on the full paper, which they can access within the CMT system.

When the review process is finished, you will be notified by email of the outcome for your paper(s). You will then be able to view the review reports in the CMT system.

Step 4: Final camera-ready paper submission

For preparation of the camera-ready version, please use the reviewer's instructions and the provided templates.

If a major part of your paper has already been reviewed and published, in a footnote on the first page of your paper please acknowledge the original publication with a full reference.

Do not forget to remove on the first page the footnote concerning application for Attila Kuba Prize.

Pack the full source of your camera-ready paper in a ZIP file and upload it to CMT.

The maximum file size is set to 10 Mbytes. If the file size exceeds this limit, please send us a link to the ZIP file via email.